Walks and Mountain bike tours on Samos

Walks on Samos

Samos is well known for its walking trails. A wide range of walks is possible from as early as April right up to October. You should have some previous experience when you walk in the Samos mountains along with physical endurance especially in the summer (due to the heat). For your safety you should also know that the rich vegetation and wide variety of fauna also present dangers (snakes, insects, scorpions). But you are normally not troubled by them. One of the difficult walks is the day walk to the highest mountain in the East Aegean, the "Kerkis". You should therefore inform yourself thoroughly before the walk.

The hiking guide Samos Hikes gets continuously updated and is a great reference and planning help for your hiking tours.

Mountain bike tours on Samos

The 476 square kilometres of Samos island offer many opportunities for mountain bike tours. The water-rich north offers many tours for every performance class. The mountains of Samos are amongst the highest in the Aegean. An ideal starting point for mountain bike tours is offered by Agios Konstantinos or Ampelos because there is a wide-ranging network of well described tours. A pleasant tour for settling-in is the Villages Tour: Agios, Vourliotes, Kokkari, Agios – variants including Ampelos, Stavrinides, Manolates are also possible. The extensive pine forests alternate with vineyards and olive groves leave no room for boredom. You can also rent bikes locally should you not have brought your own bike with you.

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